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The Granados Family "First Generation" refers to those children of Ramon Granados I and Maria Concepcion Rey - commonly referred to in this web site as "Abuela and Abuelo."

Ramon and Maria Concepcion had eleven children, ten who live(d) into adulthood. When they immigrated to America in 1911 they brought four children with them. The remaining seven children were born in America. Currently, those children have over 400 direct descendants. The Granados family now has a fifth generation.

The following is an excerpt from "Granados Y Rey", a booklet of Granados information put together by Katherine Collins Granados, wife or Ramon Granados, Jr. This excerpt refers to the First Generation of Granados' born in America.

The First Generation of the Granados' in the United States arrived July 11, 1911, mother and four children, their father having preceded them, arriving August 20, 1910.

On February 21, 1992, I spoke with Anita Granados Lartigue [daughter of Luis Granados]. She gave me some interesting information that has been the topic of much discussion.

Anita states that in a recent conversation with her father, Luis Granados, the question of "whether or not the family came to Ellis Island when they landed in the U.S. from Spain", was brought up.

Luis says they did land at Ellis Island. Since they were being met by their father, they did not go through the Immigration Building. They waited for their father in a different area. Their father was late arriving. Their mother, Luis, Connie, Rose and Clara got tired of waiting and were very hungry. They tried to buy food, but their Spanish money was not acceptable. Finally, a man who spoke Spanish came to them and told them were they could exchange their money for American dollars. They exchanged their money and bought food. Luis said they had a long wait, possibly several hours, he thought. Their father finally arrived and claimed them.

NOTE: In 1991, Connie and I visited Ellis Island. It was very interesting to see the renovated island, but it does not look like it did when people arrived years ago. My mother met my aunt and cousins when they arrived from Germany in the 1920's. My mother spoke of entering Ellis Island at the guarded gate, and showing the papers naming those she was meeting. She was allowed to enter the area and my aunt and cousins were brought to her. The long piers where passenger ships docked are no longer there.



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