Luis Leon Granados Rey
(name at birth following the Spanish naming convention)

On April 11, 1904, Luis Leon Granados, the first child born to Ramon and Concepcion was born at 1:00 am in Vinales, Pinar del Rio, Cuba. After the birth of Luis the family moved back to Spain and three more children were born (Connie, Rose and Clara). In 1911 Luis, his mother and three sisters immigrated to America joining his Father Ramon who had gone ahead of the family.

Luis married Anne Waters on August 20, 1927 in Riverdale, Maryland. They had six children - Luis II (Sonny), Elizabeth (Anita), Robert (Bob), Joseph (Joe), Ramon (Franny) and Maria Concepcion (Chi-Chi).

Luis died on August 1, 1992 at the age of 88, at his home in St. Mary's County.

After graduating from Central High School in Washington, D.C., Luis was a high-level interpreter for Gen. John J. Pershing in the settlement of a border dispute between Uraguay and Paraguay, and traveled to Peru.

On August 20, 1927, he married Anne Maria Waters from Riverdale, MD, a friend of his sister Concepcion (Connie), who lived in a different part of town. When Anne stayed for dinner with the Granados family, Luis walked her home. They lived in several different houses near Anne’s parents in Riverdale and during the depths of the depression moved in with them. In 1937, they moved into the house formally occupied by Lui’s father.

They had six children: Luis, Jr., 1928; Elizabeth Anne, 1929; Robert Alexander, 1932; Joseph Rey, 1934; Ramon Francis, 1936, and Maria Concepcion, 1939.

Starting out as a bank teller, the Great Depression and subsequent Bank Holiday forced Luis to seek other employment. In 1939 he became a Program Analyst with the Army Air Corps, and was one of the first persons to work in the Pentagon. From November 16, 1942 to December 9, 1946 he was a Tech Sgt. in the Maryland State Guard, the wartime replacement for the activated Maryland National Guard.

A member of the Knights of Columbus since 1925, he became the State Deputy, Grand Knight of two different Councils and founder of the Zegus Caravan of the Alhambra. In 1966, he retired from the government and moved to the home he had built in California, MD, where he lived until his death on August 1, 1992.

Anne Granados died on April 21, 1999 at the age of 93.

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