The Granados Family Directory was last published for the Family Reunion in 2008 and has been maintained up through 2010 with updates to the master file and has held both the master genealogy tables and contact details for the whole clan in the format of a word document. This word document has now reached the bursting point and really cannot do the double duty anymore.

We are splitting the contents of the directory into:

  • 1) Family Genealogy Tables are being migrated to an open source online genealogy platform through and is now open to all. Wikitree is a free platform with really robust data protection measures for living family members and becoming progresivly more open the further back in time people go. You can't see all of my details (Michael Granados) unless you are invited to do so through the platform. The Granados Family Directory has only ever encompased the First Ten Children and their descendents. Wikitree has already had added to it some of the previous commissioned research into the ancestry of Ramon Granados Marquez and Maria Concepcion Rey Capdevila going back to the 16th century. You can see the full reports of this research in the Origens Pages.

  • 2) The Granados Family Directory will become more of a private "phone book" of contact details. This will not be made available publicly ONLY privately. Please contact us if you wish to review a copy for the latest updates and check your data to see if you are there. . We are currently reviewing options on how best to manage this with a clan as large and diverse as we have become so if you any suggestions do let us know. You can access the basic Granados Family Directory Here. There is always bound to be something missing. Please let us know of any updates.

  • WE NEED YOUR HELP! - The original 11 children are all gone now and our site still contains missing information which we would like to record for posterity. Please think about submitting information on those of the first generation that do not yet have their biographies posted. Simple reflections or memories that comprise a few sentences are as welcome as full biographies.

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