Mercedes Granados Rey - Beano
(name at birth following the Spanish naming convention)

On July 6, 1920, Mercedes Granados (aka as "Beano") was born in Riverdale, Maryland. She was the tenth child, ninth living, and the seventh daughter.

On July 16, 1945, she married John Francis Reynolds. They had four daughters, Dolores, Margaret, Grace, and Marie.

Beano was the first of the First Generation to pass away. (except for Angelina who died shortly after birth). She died on March 31, 1978 at the young age of 57.

Mercedes "Beano" Granados

Reflections on Beano - submitted by her daughters

My three sisters and I are on the beach in Ocean City , Maryland , talking about our mother and what we would like to say about her for the upcoming Granados website. She died on March 31, 1978 , over 25 years ago, but the four of us share some memories that are as vivid as if they happened yesterday.

We remember the holidays, because she made them so special for us. She must have worked for weeks before Christmas and for hours after we went to bed on Christmas Eve to create the dream world we woke up to on Christmas morning. Money was tight but you would never know it (we sure didn't). Each year she would make new wardrobes for our dolls. They were of the finest fabrics and the latest styles and the envy of all our friends. One year, when Grace decided to give her Toni doll a drastic haircut, Mom creatively disguised it by sewing a nun's habit for it. It was identical to the habits worn by the Sisters of the Holy Cross and everyone at St. Hugh's Elementary School wanted one just like it.

Easter was another special time, thanks to Mom. She would make each of us a new dress for Easter services and we wore them with white gloves and mantillas. She would make homemade butter creams, chocolate eggs and flaky butter pastries. She knew Margaret did not like chocolate so her Easter basket held licorice and pepperoni.

We all remember how much Mom loved being around her brothers and sisters. We remember going shopping at Prince George 's Plaza but spending most of the time at the Hecht's hosiery department. That was where Aunt Clara worked and the two of them would talk and laugh for what seemed to us like hours.

Mom spent some of her time volunteering for the Ladies Auxiliary of the Greenbelt Fire and Rescue. They had a picnic at a beach on the Chesapeake every year and Mom would enjoy being with her friends, picking and eating crabs. It was the only time we remember that she did not share with us. When Maryland crabs were on the table, it was every man (or girl) for himself.

She didn't really talk much about her childhood but we're lucky to have found her scrapbooks. When we look at them, we see a young girl who was athletic, always smiling, and who loved her family and friends. We see that young girl develop into a stylish and fun-loving young woman and then a beautiful bride and young mother. She always loved being near the water and, in spirit; she is here with us right now.



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