The following information on the Granados and Rey family traces the American Granados family's heritage back to its origins in Spain. The information below was compiled by Luis Granados, II (aka "Sonny"), son of Luis Granados, grandson of Ramon Granados and Maria Concepcion Rey.

Granados y Rey

Maria de la Concepcion married Ramon Granados which marked the joining of the Granados and Rey Families. On January 20, 1903, Maria Concepcion Rey Capdevila was married by proxy to Ramon Granados Marquez in a Civil Ceremony at Sevilla, Spain. Her brother, Viriato Rey Capdevila was the proxy for Ramon. [Presumably, this marriage by proxy was done so that Maria Concepcion could travel unaccompanied to Cuba to be with Ramon so they could be properly married. At the time, unmarried women could not travel abroad without an escort.]

Maria Concepcion sailed from Cadiz, Spain for Cuba. On February 10, 1903, a ceremony was held before a priest in Cuba.

All did not go well for the newly-weds. The recently liberated Cubans had no love for Spaniards, who were treated similarly to southerners who moved to Massachusetts immediately after the Civil War. Their accent was very distinct from the Spanish spoken by the Cubans.

On April 11, 1904, at 1:00 a.m., Luis Leon Granados, first child of Ramon and Concepcion, was born in Vinales, Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Less than a month later, Concepcion, pregnant with second child, returned to Spain, where she and Luis were generously supported by Ramon's mother at 2 Corinto Street in Seville. On January 14, 1906, a daughter, Concepcion (Connie), was born in Seville.

On June 14, 1906, Ramon got approval from the Superintendent of Schools to return to Spain during the vacation period to learn how to teach deaf and dumb students. He never returned to Cuba.

On January 11, 1908, Rosario was born, and on September 1, 1909 Clara joined the family.

On one occasion, Ramon took the children and their aunt, Cha Cha, to see the Wright brothers fly an airplane they were trying to sell to the Spanish Government that was at war in Africa. Cha Cha put her skirt over her head because she didn't want to see it, saying, "If God had meant for man to fly, he would have given him wings."

In about 1908, Luis and his grandmother, Concha, (Maria Concepcion Capdevila) posed for a painting by his uncle, Nicolas Alperiz, called El Cuento de Brujas, depicting three children being told ghost stories by an old woman, and which now hangs in the Museum of Fine Art in Seville, the 2nd most important art gallery in Spain.



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