The Granados Coat of Arms, found in Laredo in the Province of Cantabris, consist of a Spanish eagle perched on the limb of a truncated pomegranate tree from which hang three pomegranates.  It has eight blue shields with silver dots.  The eagle is white, the crown and talons gold, the field blue, and pomegranates are streaked with red.

The origin of this name is not known.  It was well established in the ancient Roman Province of Cantabria (Santander) at the time of its conquest by the Visigoths (400 A.D.)

Knights of this lineage served Don Alfonso X (The Wise) during the conquest of Andalucia (1254).  For his service during the recapture of Jerez de la Frontera.  Don (Sir) Pedro Fernandez Granados was rewarded with estates in Andalucia.  Don Pedro remained in this area.

The following is a translation of another history of the name Granados that appeared on a wine bottle that a member of the Granados family in Spain had made to present to business patrons, as a means of advertising.

The Castilian surname "Granados" originated in the mountains of Burgos and spread through the peninsula with the re-conquest of Aragon and Valencia land.  (Burgos is in the north of Spain on the Arlanzon River, in Old Castile, near the Montes de Oca.)

Assisting with the re-conquest of Andalucia, they found other branches of this family.

The name is mentioned many times in "los Libros de Repartimientos de Tieras de las Conquistas de Andalucia".

The nobility of this name is mentioned in Las Ordenes de Santiago, Calatrava y San Juan de Jerusalem and in La Real Maestranza de Sevilla.


The National Geographic on one of their Maps of Spain mentions:  "Christians in the north (Asturias only province not taken by the Moors  -  Austurias is a mountainous area in the northwest of Spain) created a military society dedicated to religious crusades and territorial re-conquest".



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