Nicolas Alperiz -El Cuento de Brujas (The Tale of the Witches)

This is a painting, the original of which is in the Museum of Art in Seville, Spain. The artist, Nicolas Alperiz, was the husband of Florentina Rey Capdevila, a sister of Maria Concepcion Rey Capdevila (Abuela) who married Ramon Granados Marquez.

written by critic, Fernando de los Rios de Guzman ...

"The Tale of the Witches, which is in our Museum, is one of dramatization. The expressions of fright, the apt attention whom they envision with their child's imagination; the atmosphere which is enveloped in smoke from the open hearth, set off by the sweeping with the broom of twigs as in 'Los Caprichos' by Goya, the witches of the story that the grandmother tells, posed so expressively, sitting on the stool, at the little wooden table, around which the expectant grandchildren are grouped; the rustic little sideboard, painted red, upon which stand the coffee mill, liquor decanter and oil cruets; the window, as frightening as the opening to a crypt, through which patterns, the rickety chairs, the stair landing with half open chest where the golden bread is kept, the food of the poor, the Body of Christ in the Communion of the Saint of Poverty, upon the altar of the humble table, all arouse an interesting and pleasant response; in tune with the spectator; all showing a true artistic temperament and the technique of an admirer of a true and ardent apostle of the most natural."

The models for this painting were Granados'. The boy at the left in the painting is Luis Granados from the first generation. The old woman telling the tale is his grandmother, Concha (mother of Maria Concepcion Rey). The other two children in the painting are probably cousins of Luis.

At last check (2016) the painting was no longer on public display in the museum.



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