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Granados Family Reunion 2006
Every two years in the Fall, the Granados clan tries to get together and 2006 is our year.  This year's reunion will be held on ...

Sunday, October 15th at
Tim and Mary Baldwin's farm in St. Leonard, MD. (Calvert Co.)

More information will follow.


Granados Family Reunion 2004

The 2004 reunion was held at Claridge Park in Wheaton, Maryland.  There was a good turnout and much fun to be had. 

Below are some pictures that were taken during the reunion.

HELP  - some of the people below are unidentified.  Please email Mindie with names of the people where "?" is used in caption.

Click images for larger view.

First Generation
Kitty (wife of Ramon), Mary, Tony and Johnny

First Generation
Kitty (wife of Ramon), Mary, Tony and Johnny

Second Generation

Daughters of Mercedes (Beano)  Dolores, Margaret, Grace and Marie

Uncle Johnny

Aunt Mary

Uncle Tony

Uncle Tony

Sonny (son of Luis) and Shirley (daughter of Rose)

Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary and Aunt Kitty

Franny (son of Luis) Granados and Mike Garrison (grandson of Luis)

Adelina Estrellita Klym (Grand-daughter of Franny Granados - ggdaughter of Lui)

Becí Granados (ggson of Lui) and baby Lauren Gill (ggdaughter of Connie and gdaughter of Joanne)

Alexis Gill- 4th generation - ggdaughter of Connie & gdaughter of Joanne

Adelina and mother Lee (grandaughter of Lui)

Sonny, Mike and Shirley

Lee, Adelina and Alexandra (daughter & gdaughters of Franny, ggdaughters of Lui)

Mike Garrison with sons Spencer and Fletcher

Basketball game

Spencer Garrison
(ggrandson of Lui)
Do you have family reunion photos not pictured here?
Please email them to Mindie in .jpg format.  We will publish them here.




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