The First to Come to America from Spain

Ramon Granados Marquez Granados Familly Coat of Arms Maria Concepcion Rey Capdevilla
Ramon Granados Marquez Maria Concepcion Rey Capdevila

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Ramon Granados Marquez was born on September 14, 1880 in Arcena, Huelva, Spain.  Maria de la Concepcion Rey Capdevila was born on July 31, 1881 in Seviile, Spain.  They were married on January 20, 1903 in a civil ceremony.  Since Ramon was in Cuba at the time, the marriage was done by proxy with Concepcion's brother, Viriato standing in for Ramon.  (At the time, unmarried women could not travel without an escort).  

Concepcion then joined Ramon in Cuba and they were married in a ceremony before a priest on February 10, 1903.  Their first child, Luis was born in Cuba in 1904.  They returned to Spain and had three more children (Connie, Rose and Clara). With four children they immigrated  to America  in 1911 - Ramon going first with his wife and four children following soon after.

They had a total of eleven children, four boys and seven girls.  The story of the life they began together, and the stories of their  descendents, now numbering over 400, are highlighted in this website.



The Grandos Family Web Site is being put together through the combined efforts of many Granados'.  For now we are focusing on the First Generation.  It is our hope that the site will eventually include information on the generations that lived in Spain as well as the second, third, fourth - and now fifth generations.

All comments, questions, ideas and information is most welcome.  Please think about submitting information on those of the first generation that do not yet have their biographies posted.  Simple reflections or memories that comprise a few sentences are as welcome as full biographies.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.
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